Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here's to 2009

I'm laying in bed sick, feeling like my head might explode at any given moment which would provide a much needed release of pressure. So what's a good way to pass the time when waiting for your head to blow up?....Write a blog!

It's a new year (and what a way to start it out huh) in case you hadn't noticed. I'm hoping 2009 is 100% better than 2008....I mean even the bad things that have happened thus far don't compare. Here's a little recap of my previous year...both good and bad.

Bad things in 08':
-Starting it out at a job I absolutely positively hate
-Having graduated but not having had a ceremony
-a TON of people I know getting hitched (not really bad...just kinda makes me sad to realize I'm really growing up)
-Seeing my uncle go through so much pain before passing and seeing how it effected my parents & grandma
-My uncle actually passing
-Realizing just how selfish and self-centered some people really are and to what extent they'll go to just to get something for themselves
-Our apartment burning down and thinking we'd lost EVERYTHING
-Living with my parents for going on 4 months (hey it's a place to live...just saying it's not too fun when you're 24)

Good things in 08':
-Getting a job with a company that I absolutely LOVE and hope I never have to leave
-Recieving my diploma and actually having a graduation (even if it was 5 months after the fact...stupid IUPUI)
-Knowing that my uncle is finally not in pain
-Not actually losing ALL of our stuff from the apartment...we recovered all of the important things
-Buying my own house....(still under construction but soon to be finished)
-Having a place to stay after the fire and while the house is under construction
-My dad doing all of our construction for free!

In retrospect a lot of stuff has happened and although the bad things were really bad, they could have been worse. Plus the good stuff really was great. Soon we'll be in a house of our own, I'll be working at a place I love (even if I'm not in love with the job itself) and I'll have more time to enjoy life (and get a puppy).

Plus, I've started out the new year spending about $1100 in a matter of about 2 hours (dishwasher, couch, loveseat) and spending money is always fun....unless it's on bills. So here's to 2009!!!